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Transcending the traditional recruiting model with proactive talent acquisition oriented toward future growth in addition to solving current challenges. This model benefits both the client organization and the candidates as it offers growth for both parties.

F*A*S*T has been relied upon by various organizations for their talent capability development expertise targeting fit talent for solving a particular challenge.

By building laser-focused teams (base foundation for any transformational endeavor at F*A*S*T), any prevalent technological or leadership challenges can be disseminated and overcome.

Rather than following the traditional model and creating more of the same thus exacerbating the current issue, our teams look for new organizational model that overcomes the existing hurdles that impede progress.

This has been achieved by tapping into the wide range of local resources with keen eye for delivery-driven individuals on staff augmentation or permanent placement opportunities.

Furthermore, their insight into similar organizations’ successes and failures offer lessons learned.

Pathway for both employer and employee.